My name is Paul Thorburn and NY Love Letter began as a photography project on the 4th of July 2012. The birth of my first child, Lily, a month before, threw up some tough questions. Was NY where we wanted to raise her? As Aja, my wife, and I bounced ideas off each other about possibly moving to California, Upstate NY, or even to Scotland (where I was born and grew up), I experienced this haunting feeling. After living in NY for over 10 years  what would I leave behind? I started trying to compose a love letter to NY, the city where I’ve spent most of my adult life and certainly the city where I’ve realized many of my dreams. I met my wife here. Both my children were born here. I’ve grown up here…

Not being much of a writer, my letter wouldn’t get very far in expressing the depth of my feelings. I asked myself what I love most about NY? What is the main thing I’d miss most about this city that I love intensely, but occasionally have hated. I realized immediately that it’s the people – the diverse range of people that I’m sharing this city experience with; the friends, and even the strangers I pass along the way. I decided I’d approach people who consider themselves to be New Yorkers and ask if I could take a portrait of them wearing the ‘I Love NY’ tee shirt and if they’d write or draw on a piece of paper their response to NY. I have been blessed by those who allowed themselves to be photographed and by their expression of love for this great city.  This ongoing collection is my love letter to NY.


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